Zurich to Zermatt and back with SBB Train

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Sara asked 5 years ago

I’m taking the train from Zurich airport to Zermatt and then back to Zurich a few days later. It’s 154CHF on Zermatt.ch and I was just wondering if this is the best site to use or should I just book when I arrive at the airport…
Thank you

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

The 2nd class return fare is 258 CHF. The Zermatt site is recommending the Swiss Transfer Ticket which costs 154 CHF so you save quite a lot, but it offers no other benefits so if you will be using mountain transport during your stay you may benefit from having the 1 month Half Fare Card and buying Saver Day Passes for your transfers. You do not say when you will be travellIng so it’s difficult to be specific.

Liona B answered 4 years ago

You can buy at the airport. Have a look at http://www.sbb.ch/en to see  the prices.
However, as you found out the ticket is quite expensive. It is 129,- one way…
So you have a few options.
One is the “Swiss Transfer Ticket”. This is the 154,- CHF option you saw on zermatt.ch. That you do need to buy in advance, as this cannot be purchased in Switzerland.
Another option is to buy a so called “Saver Day Ticket” in advance. See here:
There is also a Half Fare Card, which you can buy, and which gives you 50% off on all transport. And that includes mountain railways, so if you for example are planning excursions this card will save you money there as well:
The Half Fare Card you can buy at the airport. You can already buy tickets at half price (including saver day passes) without having that card. You will only need it when travelling.