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khu asked 5 years ago

travelling to zermatt switzerland first time and got to know this lovely place.
since we are travelling by car, not able to judge whether i should stay in zermatt and park car in Tasch or Randa. How much would be parking charges there and how safe would that be?
or should i take hotel/appartment in Tasch or Randa and then travel everyday to Zermatt.

can anyone suggest?


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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

hi khu,

There’s plenty of parking in Täsch – actually the place is just one huge parking-lot! It’s safe and there is a huge indoor parking house which costs about 15-20 chf per day. Hotels are way cheaper in Täsch so you’ll save if you stay there and train it up to zermatt, (about 7 kms and 15 chf or so return).
Regardless, your car will be safe in Täsch… asuming you’re not driving a ferrarri or rolls-royce 🙂