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louise1220 Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Everyone –
We are headed to Zermatt the first week in May. We are traveling Swiss Air from Boston -> Zurich.
In reading some of the more recent threads on here, there seems to be a new option in terms of a train tickets? It says you can only purchase 30 days out – is that correct? If so, could you shed a little more light on this new option or would the Swiss Transfer Ticket still be our best option?
As far as ski equipment, we are going to rent there. However, I’ve discovered some rather deep discounted rental coupons online but it requires a reservation for the equipment ahead of time. Is that okay to do or should we just do all that once we arrive?
Can we purchase lift tickets in advance ( the night before ) or can they only be purchased day of? Do the hotels sell lift tickets or do we need to go to the ski shops?
We are staying at Hotel Shonegg (the hotel with the underground tunnel to the lobby) and it says it’s Ski-in/Ski-out. The lift looks rather close to the hotel so I don’t see why not. Has anyone ever stayed here and what have been your experiences?
Thank you for your help in advance!

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Kit answered 5 years ago

Hi Louise,
Saver Day Pass ( it is the one you have to purchase 30 days in advance) is your best option. One way 2nd class ticket ends up being 52 SF, I have just purchased mine on line without any problem. Swiss Transfer ticket for 2nd class costs 154 SF ( it will allow you to travel to your destination and back). The advise I got on this forum was to wait till it is 30 days from your return date to make sure Day Saver Pass for both to and from dates are available and if not you can just purchase your STT. Hope it helps!

Kit answered 5 years ago

Here you go: https:/…saver-day-pass.html
Safe travels:)

chris answered 5 years ago

This is not entirely true. What IS true is that the Saver Day Passes go on sale 30 days out. And can rise in price as the travel date comes closer – or disappear altogether for that matter. BUT they do not always go up and it is possible sometimes to get one only a couple of days before travel.
IF you have a Half Fare card, SDP becomes even more cheap. However if all you are doing is arriving at an airport or border station, going to Zermatt, then leaving Switzerland it might be that a Swiss Transfer Ticket at 154frs in 2nd class might be less expensive than two SDPs… You have to compare the prices. What I suggest you do is to wait until it is 30 days from the time of your DEPARTURE from Zermatt. See if you can get a Saver Day Pass for that day and for the arrival day. If the total of the two is less than 154frs – get them. If not – get the STT.
Swiss Transfer Ticket HAS to be bought outside Switzerland. In your case you can get it from RailEurope. SDP has to be bought online on the SBB site – http://www.sbb.ch/en Just to complicate things a little more the SBB site uses a card verification system and it seems that many US cards are not part of this system. AMEX is reported to work relatively consistently so if you have an AMEX – use it. http://www.sbb.ch/en

island zermatter answered 5 years ago

I do not think the discounts are as real as advertised as Zermatt does not need to discount anything. There is plenty of top line equipment to rent so don’t worry. Also, don’t pay for something you don’t need. Looking at today’s webcam will show you that it is not exactly a good day to strap them on. White out conditions are to be very respected. Remember, a lot of the skiing is above the tree line.
Do check with your hotel as they probably have an arrangement for a nearby shop where a 10% discount is typically offered. That is about the extent of it.