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annash asked 5 years ago

Stresa to zermatt and back in one day by train. Anyone know approx. price please?

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

Have a look at – lots pf useful info and ticket prices there.
Lots of information about the trains and price of the Swiss train schedule

Marty N answered 4 years ago

I am returning to stresa in May 2019. Can anyonr advise if I should do an organised tour up to Zermatt which goes by coach or do it ourselves on the train?
My problem is the train seem to be pretty expensive more than the organised tour.
I think I’m missing something… This year we did the glacier express with a stop for a night in Chur then the Bernina back down to Torino the next day.  It was a wonderful experience but extremely expensive…
Next year I’m taking my daughter and granddaughter and I’m paying so I’m trying to cut costs wherever I can, any suggestions gratefully accepted.
Thank you … Marty

Hans answered 4 years ago

I haven’t traveled on the train, but did the coach tour which was lovely. Tour stops off in a lovely location on the edge of the alps first. Then the train stops in Tasch where you get the mountain railway up to Zermatt. There is also an optional trip from Zermatt up the fenicular railway to a viewing platform (including restaurant) opposite the Matterhorn where the views are stunning.
I would recommend the coach tour, far better than going by train. Just let the driver and guide take the strain. I would only go by train if I was going to stay overnight (which I am sure would be lovely).
Would advise taking lots of Swiss francs with you if you want to purchase anything in Zermatt. However, note that prices are off the scale.
Best regards,

Cary answered 4 years ago

If you are comfortable using trains in Europe, it’s an easy and exciting trip. The Glacier Express is a waste of money compared to the “regular” train, it’s the same exact track with only slightly smaller windows so why pay such a higher fee for the Glacier Express?
When we were in Zermatt this past May I went to the train station ticket office to purchase a ticket and when I asked the ticket agent about upgrading it to the Glacier Express he laughed. He was nice enough to explain that the Glacier Express was a waste of money compared to the regular train and that we’d be seeing the same exact thing at half the cost.
Politically correct or not, he went on to explain that the Glacier Express Train is predominantly meant for wealthy Asian tourists that are making once in a life time trips to Switzerland and have unlimited budgets. Sure enough the next day getting onto our regular train the Glacier Express next to us was nearly all Asian passengers.
Hope this helps