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Sprice205 asked 4 years ago

Thank you to all who read and/or respond to this somewhat whimsical thread

I am planning a trip to Zermatt and am trying to find out the name of a hotel in Zermatt that was used in the filming of the children’s Disney movie “Condorman,” which was released back in 1981.

I realize that it is possible that the hotel does not exist anymore, or that it was, in fact, not a hotel but a large residence made to look like a hotel for the filming of the movie. Still, one never knows until she tries .

If anyone knows this information, I would be ever so grateful, as this is going to be a surprise for my boyfriend, who grew up loving that movie and dreaming of staying in that hotel.

Thank you



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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Sprice,
i know the hotel – it was actually a restaurant/hotel – it’s called the ‘sonnenblick’ and was one of my old haunts – it got ripped down in 2005 and was rebuilt and is now called ‘sonnematte’ (or something)…
i’ll post some pics tomorrow as soon as i find the old ones and go make some new ones tomorrow
greets from right around the corner of the place you’re talking about

Sprice205 replied 4 years ago

Thank you SO MUCH!! You’re all so very nice to have taken this time to help

I live very far away, Arizona, USA , but if there’s ever any way I can return the favor, please feel free to call on me;

Thanks to you, I’m that much closer to something I’ve wanted for quite a while.

And my thanks, again, to all of you for your kindness!

SP Thank you!!

Johnnie Swiss Staff replied 4 years ago

thanks sprice and you’re most welcome! We like helping out folks interested in zermatt 🙂

Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

sonnematte NEWsonnenblick OLDsonnenblick

sonnematte new



Sprice205 replied 4 years ago

Hi, Johnnie:

I’m sorry it took me so long to acknowledge and thank you for these wonderful pictures; it’s been a very busy day!

These pictures are delightful! You know, now that I’ve seen the older pictures, I can see that when I was trying to find this hotel on Google Earth, there was, in fact, a picture posted there of the Sonnenblink, but there was not enough of the hotel showing in it to be sure. Of course, there also was no information about the hotel’s name. So there I was, dancing all around it, but not knowing that I was until you stepped in and helped me .

I will also offer again that–should you decide you need some information about places here in the US–I will be more than happy to research anything for you. Of course, I’m sure you have plenty of resources, being the helpful person that you are; nevertheless, it would be my pleasure to come to your aid should you call on me.

Gebs answered 4 years ago

Wow, quite a difference! Is it still a hotel, looking like its being changed into flats or something?
What fantastic weather!

Johnnie Swiss Staff replied 4 years ago

It’s an exclusive hotel (and restaurant) now. 4 stars. (it’s called the Sonnematte now btw). The service is excellent. I’ve not eaten there, but i pop in once a week for a coffee or beer. excellent view of the matterhorn as well!

Arellano replied 4 years ago

Looks like a nice hotel. And you can see the Matterhorn