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DG asked 5 years ago

I was wondering whether there is a better alternative to Bern as a base for day trips to Zermatt. We are planning on 3 nights in Bern, so we can go to Zermatt when the weather is good. We just want to see the Matterhorn etc. We are going to catch the Gornergrat train. We are staying in Bern 15/6/18 to 18/6/18. Thanks.

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Karen answered 5 years ago

Check possible itineraries with timetable application – you can use \”Advanced search\” for multiple stop itineraries and define \”length of stay\” for each stop. Berne to Zermatt takes slightly more than 2h (and one train change at Visp for the narrow gauge train). Walk to station for Gornergrat is short (just over street), train up Gornergrat takes 38 minutes (for most trains). Mid-June you most probably can easily walk from Gornergrat to Riffelberg (great views). Or use the restaurant at top, or at Riffelalp, or Riffelberg –

Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

Why not get a bit closer? The towns of Thun and Spiez are south of Bern, both sit on a gorgeous lake and have wonderful mountain views. Thun is a bit closer to Bern and Spiez is a bit closer to Visp….easy day trip to Bern from either as they are on the main train line between Bern and Visp.