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jlajla asked 6 years ago

I will be travelling to Zermatt from Geneva airport and I’m wondering which is the best rail ticket to get.
I’ve read about the Swiss Transfer Ticket – travel from airport/border to destination, and also the Swiss Card – the same but also gives half fare tickets for a month.
I’ll be using cable cars to Sunnega, Klein Matterhorn etc & ski lifts and will very likely use the Gornergrat railway.
Is the Swiss Card my best option? Or are there any tickets which offer discounts on ski lifts & cable cars, or any companies that offer a package to buy the tickets together at a discount?
Just trying to make it easier and save money!
Thanks in advance!

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Fred answered 6 years ago

I don’t believe the Swiss Family Card applies here. It can be used in conjunction with a rail pass to mitigate travel costs for children up to 15, but you’d still need the rail pass. Perhaps there’s another product out there that you’re referring to?

Anyway – The Swiss transfer pass is your best bet if you’re just flying into Geneva, traveling straight to Zermatt on one day and traveling back to Geneva one day later on (transfer pass is good for two days of travel only – to and from destination). The transfer pass will get you to Zermatt, but you’ll still need a separate lift pass for the mountain lifts.

John can correct me if I’ve misspoken, but that’s the way we do it every winter.