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poncho asked 5 years ago

I intend to take the train to Gornergrat and also to take the cable car to Mattrerhorn. Can I do it in one day or should i split it into 2 days?
Also, after Zermatt, I intend to move on to Interlaken but wondering if there is any nice place which I could visit en-route before going to Interlaken? ANy suggestion? I am going from mid September…

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Poncho, welcome to GoZermatt!
You can do both in one day if you catch an early train to the Gornergrat. However, be aware that the Gornergrat station is at the other end of the village from the Klein Matterhorn cable car, so there’s a 15 min walk though Zermatt from one to the other.
If I were you, and time and weather allow, I’d do them on separate days. That way you can walk down from the top of the Gornergrat via Riffelsee (where the Matterhorn is reflected) and then back to Riffelberg station to catch the train back to Zermatt – a superb walk with great views. Likewise, once you’ve been to the Klein Matterhorn you can take your time coming back down the mountain – maybe go for a stroll at Schwarzsee, and perhaps get off at Furi and walk back down into Zermatt – a charming route past wonderful old mountain hamlets.
Enroute to Interlaken you could stop off at Kandersteg, and take the chairlift (or is it now a cable car?) to Oeschinensee (if it’s running at that time of year). If not, Spiez is a pleasant place to break the journey and wander round the town.