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Kathy asked 4 years ago

We are planning to visit Zermatt from Malpensa airport in Italy.
I am thinking that the easiest route by trains is Gallarate to Visp and then Visp to Zermatt.
Please let me know if you have any better or perhaps more convenient ideas.

2 Answers
Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

Easiest is probably bus to Domodossola…i_domo_malpensa2.pdf – book at but you pay on the bus.
Then train changing at either Brig or Visp depending on departure time – https:/…fahrplan.xhtml will tell you where – advance purchase or reservation not required.
Cheers – J Swiss

Timmy answered 4 years ago

Please help me on the 23rd of September the best direct route via train/bus from Zermatt to Milan.
Thank you for your help – I really appreciate it
Trying to get as close to Via Stendhal Lombardia as possible.