Looking for UPDATED good places/clubs in Zermatt

ZERMATT FAQsCategory: Bars & ClubsLooking for UPDATED good places/clubs in Zermatt
Dennis asked 5 years ago

Hi everybody ! Since I am new on the GoZermatt.com website I have been looking around to find some useful information. I have read a lot of comments about everything.

Although I think we need to update the information on the item “WHERE TO GO OUT” (have a little party) after skiing. I mean it would be great to read your LAST REVIEWS of places you have been visiting with a friendly atmosphere, nice people, good music, fair prices, whatever, etc.!

Just having fun for the Zermatt-skier after skiing! It would be really fine to read your experience (good & bad) together with some reactions – without any purpose for making publicity.

Together we your reactions we’ll have a brand new and UPDATED list of places we maybe can advise and allow the label <<Recommended by the GoZermatt.com-members>>
Thanks anyway! Dennis

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

great idea about new, actual info dennis…

problem is most people forget the great times they had in zermatt (apres-ski or clubbing all night the night before), so they get up the next day and forget to come back here and tell us all about it… it’s called a hangover

we’ll see if we can sign up a roving reporter or two…