Going to Zermatt in May 2019 – Itinerary questions about Zermatt Switzerland & Italy

ZERMATT FAQsCategory: Travelling to ZermattGoing to Zermatt in May 2019 – Itinerary questions about Zermatt Switzerland & Italy
Jimmy W. asked 4 years ago

Our plan is to visit for a holiday in Europe from May 4-25th We’re flying to Zurich and arriving 8pm with a family of 4.
Originally I only wanted to stay 3-4days in the Alps as I wanted to spend most of our 21days in the south of Italy.
Based on research below are the towns we would like to visit
Like to visit, is there a suggested town to base ourselves?
And is this doable? I thought ending Switzerland  in Lugano would be a good Idea and head straight to Lake Como. Is there a Ferry or train or a better option to get to Italy?
Head to Lake Como to start our Italian Journey
Thanks for your help & advice!

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Brian Bob answered 4 years ago

Hi There,
Lake Como is long, different possible access routes from Switzerland partially depending on where on Lake Como you want to travel.
 Interlaken & Jungfrau area are SW of Zurich, Zermatt is south of the Jungfrau area, separated by a major mountain range, Lugano East of Zermatt separated by several mountain ranges.
Technically its possible to tour ZRH to Jungfrau area (via Lucerne and scenic Brünig mountain pass, or faster detour via Berne)., Taking the train from Interlaken to Zermatt is relatively fast (via 30+ km Lötschberg base tunnel), different routes for Zermatt to Lugano, none really short and easy – 5 to 6 hours h via Brig or Visp in Valais and Italy or Brig, Andermatt.
One option is the scenic train Zermatt to St.Moritz (Glacier Express) and most scenic St.Moritz to Tirano (Bernina Express) in 2 days for reaching Lake Como from the East / North East-
To design your possible itineraries see http://www.sbb.ch/en timetable application, shows also map for itineraries. Or use zoomable map maps.trafimage.ch
Depending on weather, that kind of trip can be great … but also frustrating in case of limited view due to possible rain or fog.
Hope this helps!