Glacier Express from Zermatt to Andermatt VS

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Patsy asked 4 years ago

Hello Zermatters!
Been working on our trip plan and now we plan to visit Zermatt. We will be staying at Carina hotel for 3 nights.
So, a quick question.
Is it possible to ride the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Brig (and return) as a day trip? (Check the website, it says it will be around 1.30 hours ride) Just to experience the GE train ride. Or Zermatt to Andermatt (but around 4-hour ride)
I won’t be able to do the 7-hour ride, as much as the view will be uber spectacular. It’s just too long.
Thank you for your tips!

1 Answers
Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

You can take the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Brig but in addition to the ticket price it will cost you 33frs for the seat reservation which seems a lot to pay for not much on that sector. The views are identical to those you would have on the normal trains. Food service will be limited because they don’t start serving lunch until much later in the journey and anyway you won’t have time to eat it!
Andermatt would be a better choice but you are missing the best section of the ride which is between Andermatt and Chur. You might consider going from Zermatt to Muster and then turning around and going back to Zermatt on the Zermatt Matterhorn Bahn. This would at least allow you to see the route over the Oberalp pass which is splendid! And to have a meal as well. However one way to Muster will take over 4 hours from Zermatt…and then you have a slower ride back again.
Where are you going after Zermatt? You can work in a side trip from Zermatt to Chur if you are headed for Zurich.