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Ken asked 5 years ago

Hello Everyone
My wife and I have just joined GoZermatt and would like to try and get some info before making reservations. First, we will be coming over from Calif sometime in September, Second, we are not skiers, we are coming to see the spectacular scenery we have heard so much about, Third , We would like to take the Glacier Express train to the Matterhorn, spend a couple of days and take the train back down, My question is, Where do I want to fly in to, Paris, Munich, Dublin? Then we would fly to where? If anyone could advise, it would be greatly appreciated
Thank You

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bdrewen answered 5 years ago

We fly from the east US coast, typically direct into Zurich – (once we flew into Geneva but there are far fewer flight options). From Zurich, the train options are plentiful and can be searched at the Swiss Rail Website:

If you’re headed straight to Zermatt, you can enter “Zurich Airport” as your point of origin and “Zermatt” as your destination. You probably won’t be able to enter dates as far in advance as September, so just go ahead and put in earlier dates with the same day of the week. The scheduled times rarely change during the year. You should be able to get a train direct from Zurich to Visp before you have to change trains to head up the valley to Zermatt.

If Johnny is still around he can tell you about the Glacier Express no doubt. (This train does not go up the Matterhorn – I think it runs between Zermatt and another region in Switzerland). There’s a ton of information online and many companies online that can help you plan your trip. I’ve used before with pleasing results. I just book my own travel now however (more convenient and flexible)