CHEZ MAX – Great dinner and a really best time in Zermatt

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Punja asked 4 years ago

We stayed at Zermatt for 3 days, we dined here twice. This place was recommended by my hotel’s owner.
Fist night, we had only soup and salads.
Second night, our friends arrived and all 7 of us dined here.
Every plates were superb, tasteful.
You should book in advance

2 Answers
Larry answered 4 years ago

Excellent meal and the service is very professional. Steaks are cooked in the nearby fireplace – makes for a unique experience. 
Had a wonderful meal again in our favorite Zermatt restaurant. They were so helpful preparing my son’s meal to be gluten free and lactose free, including making a special sauce for his chicken…
The Chef, Armin is a super host and was as friendly as ever which made our visit a particularly special one. He not only cooks a great chateaubriand (highly recommended) but home brews a wonderful schnapps. Will always be our restaurant of choice whenever in Zermatt! Thanks again!

Harry answered 4 years ago

My wife and I just had an amazing meal with exceptional service at Chez Max . Great steak on a BBQ. The people here really wanted us to have an exceptionable experience and they succeeded! Would highly recommend for a memorable meal! Thanks Armin and Staff!