can anyone give a review of this hotel allalin

ZERMATT FAQsCategory: Hotelscan anyone give a review of this hotel allalin
paul-yorkshire asked 5 years ago
2 Answers
Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 5 years ago

highly recommended. I’m not sure if i already reviewed it – do a serach. If not, pm me and i’ll shoot you some information.

Good people, good food, good service.

johnnie swiss answered 5 years ago

I didn’t review it here…, sorry. I’d sent a PM to another user and I can’t find that either
  I’ll just say that the allalin is a great hotel, the people who run it are really nice, the food is excellent, as is the service and you’re about 50 meters away from the klein-matterhorn ski lift. So basically, you’re in for a good stay and a most enjoyable time! Have fun!