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Lina asked 5 years ago

Hi! After browsing through Zermatt website I’m still rather confused about the slopes. So I hope someone can help to clarify.. We all have the Swiss Travel Pass. Our boys (17, 19 & 21) will be taking lesson at Wolli Park. I saw there is a CHF21 charge for taking the funicular up to Wolli Park Sunnegga? This seems to be for only 1 return trip. Any other tickets for multiple trips within the day? Any discount with the STP? My husband and I are not skiing but we wish to watch them for a while and perhaps have lunch with them up there after their lesson so we may move up and down. If they wish to practise what they have learnt after lunch, where are the beginner slopes and how to access to them? Do we need to buy another mountain pass? I saw there is a Beginner Pass for CHF 53 and youth CHF45. Do we need to buy this Pass upfront at the funicular valley station before going up to Wolli? I assume this allows multiple trips up and down to Zermatt? Or can we pay a supplement on top of the Zermatt-Sunnegga ticket if they decide to continue skiing? It will be a waste if we get the Beginner Pass and they decide not to ski after the lesson at Wolli Park. Thanks for any help 🙂

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 4 years ago

The Swiss Travel pass will give you a 50% discount on the Sunnega lift – Zermatt to Sunnega and back. The full fare for that IS 21frs. The little funicular down to the Wölli park is free from where you get off the Sunnega lift. Best to consider whether to get the STP to cover the time you are in Zermatt. You will be paying something like 60-70frs/day for the pass and if all you are getting from it is a 10frs reduction in price – is it worth it?
BUT that said, the STP will not get you any discounts at all on ski tickets. If your sons want to continue skiing and take ski lifts they will have to pay for a lift ticket. There is a “Beginner’s Ski Pass” which is limited to the area around Sunnega. They can get this at the ticket office at the top of the Sunnega lift. Cost for a beginner ski pass for the 21 yr old is 53frs for the day. For the other boys, 45frs. This is quite expensive if they have just had their first lesson in skiing because they are going to spend a LOT of time on the ground! Also with only one lesson they might not have learnt to ride a lift and not knowing how can be dangerous. The installations at the Wolli park are free for anyone to use. Probably the best thing for your three is just to stay there and practice what they have learnt in the morning…
I suggest you ask the teacher when the lesson is over what s/he suggests they do. And then see what they feel like doing!
All the best – J-Swiss