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Resort Hotel Alex

The ambience of Resort Hotel Alex is reminiscent of a luxurious mountain chalet. If there were a league table of the most original Swiss hotels, the Alex would surely be in first place. The traditional log-cabin exterior conceals an exciting world of experiences that is packed full of surprises.

This unique hotel in Zermatt combines modern and tradition to an attractive and exciting world of experience filled with surprises. Behind this original concept is a host family that celebrates hospitality with passionate commitment and a wealth of savor-faire.

Hotel Alex Zermatt

Hand-turned furniture, brocade curtains, velvet cushions, exquisite carvings, valuable pictures of the Matterhorn and thousands of other little details make the whole hotel into an amazing work of art that captivates visitors with its passionate love of hospitality.

This unique concept is the product of a family of hoteliers who celebrate hospitality with passionate commitment and a wealth of expertise.

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